When the Flames Go Up
When the Flames Go Up
Episode 36: "I wanted to defend the votes of my neighbors."

Episode 36: "I wanted to defend the votes of my neighbors."

After four elections as a Detroit poll worker, Magda talks about her rise to precinct chairperson and why assisting voters is a satisfyingly tangible way to amplify your political voice.

With Washington’s birthday and the Michigan presidential primary freshly concluded, listen in as Magda regales us with her meteoric rise from tenderfooted poll worker to precinct chairperson! Witness the palace intrigue! The moral relativism among desperate foes! The unquenchable resolve of a willful ingenue who stepped on any neck she had to in order to plant her flag in the fetid mud pit of Detroit politics!

(Actually, she just answered an ad and kept showing up.)

A lot of us get involved in politics when we realize we have the time, desire, and fortititude to fight for the change we want to see. But the most important thing to consider before you intiate contact is to assess what you’re prepared to do and where that effort is most needed. There might be a candidate or ballot proposition that needs your support, but in Magda’s case the biggest need was getting people to the polls and helping them understand the ballot once they got there.

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In this episode, Magda offers up some Inside Baseball about how she was trained and how that training prepared her for an 18-hour day, from set-up to takedown. We discuss how early voting, straight-ticket voting, and absentee voting work. After which you will understand why she’s been destined for this work since she was four years old.

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When the Flames Go Up
When the Flames Go Up
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